08 Dec

Characteristics of Best Accommodation Gold Coast

You may have read bad accommodations negative reviews posted on various travel sites. In light of this, what would be the qualities that make a hotel a good accommodation?

In the Gold Coast, what are the characteristics of best accommodation Gold Coast to look out for? Would it be the staff’s readiness to carry your luggage or provide you extra soft pillows without expecting a tip from you?

Some of the usual tell-tale signs that can make a hotel rank as one of the best accommodations include:


They are spic and span.

Clean and orderly are the features of the best accommodations. This positive characteristic exudes from these types of hotels to include spic and span rooms, bathrooms, dining halls, lobbies, and washrooms.

They make you feel welcome and comfortable.

A hotel that can make you welcomed and comfortable as your home is an outstanding feature shared by all the best accommodations. This means a ready breakfast with complimentary morning paper the moment you wake up. This means a friendly smile from the hotel’s housekeeper while doing the various services to make you comfortable during your entire stay.


They think of what you need.

The basic needs of travellers from families with children, couples, and businessmen are thought and anticipated by good hotels. They have your back in all your needs ranging from more privacy, extra ice, late or early check-ins or extra bed. These services may seem small but they can quickly add to make a good and lasting impression on every guest that walks in the door.

They are conveniently located.

It can be said that the best strategic locations are occupied by only expensive five-star hotels. While these types of hotels are not within everyone’s budget, they can still be seen as the best accommodations for their great location. A hotel conveniently located in the heart of the city saves guests effort, money, and time to do the things they want to do.


Their services are genuinely warm.

The staffs of good hotels exude genuine warmth because they feel that each guest deserves it. Little things such as offering extra pillows without charging extra for them is one of the hallmarks of ideal hotels. Hotel staffs that anticipate your needs without asking are invaluable services that are one of the characteristics shared by good hotels.


They offer assistance during emergencies.

Missing your flight needs an extra day stay in the hotel. Good hotels will remain unfazed in this kind of unforeseen situation. For instance, they will take the trouble to look for nearby accommodations if they happen to be fully-booked. A hotel that extends this kind of extra service without charging extra to a guest is an outstanding characteristic to make them one of the best accommodations.


They give out honest information.

Their awareness of local information enables good hotels to share honest things about tourist traps to avoid, the best places to eat, the best places to go to or the best places to shop. A hotel giving out honest information is vital especially when tour industries or restaurants can bribe hotel staff to recommend them as the best.

It’s not tough to look for the best accommodations. However, the best accommodations can come with a hefty price tag. Yet, there are still good hotels that offer great services at affordable prices. Ultiqa have the best accommodation in the Gold Coast. Check out their facilities to find out if they are the ones you are looking for.