22 Jan

Choosing the right bus for your party

Thinking about party bus hire in Perth? No bachelor party or hen night is complete without an amazing ride to your chosen destination. After all you all would be joining in on the festivities and indulging in some fine wining and dining. You need someone to pick your entourage and drop you all off safely as well. In order to ensure that you have an amazing time it’s crucial to hire the right kind of party bus.

Keep the following things in mind when organising a party bus hire Perth:

  • Make sure you do a proper head count. If there are twenty people accompanying you, you wouldn’t benefit from hiring a bus which accommodates thirty or forty people. Not only would it be expensive but wouldn’t be much use either. If you are looking for a spacious bus then you could by all means choose one which can accommodate more people. On the other hand doing a head count helps you save some handy cash. Also talk into account that a few extra guests might show up which is a norm t parties.
  • Also keep in mind the number of personal items you want to carry on the bus. If you are planning on bringing in an icebox, make sure your bus ha enough space for that. You might even be thankful for the little extra space for the belongings which people bring onto the bus.

  • What kind of party do you have in mind? If you are looking for a long drive with friends where you could listen to some great music and enjoy the beer, choose a bus tour which specialises in giving a tour around the city. Not only do you get to enjoy the sights but have a great time driving around with your loved ones.
  • What kind of amenities are you looking for? These days’ party buses have a whole lot of special amenities for everyone. If you are all karaoke fans, choose a bus which has a karaoke system or even a juke box for that matter. Some buses are big enough to have a small dance floor also. These are more like caravans which have all these amenities. You don’t have to go to any club or restaurant to enjoy the party. You can have your very own party on the bu. You could eventually go to a beach and have dinner under the stars for some added zing. There are several things which are up on offer. Other amenities include poles, gaming consoles and sometimes a photo booth as well. But do keep in mind the more amenities you ask for the higher the cost would be. Choose everything wisely and make sure you keep thing within budget.
  • Also make sure you have the date of the party decided beforehand. You would need to make a booking and sign a contract. Once you have the contract in hand you need to read it carefully.