17 Dec

Marlin Fishing Australia

Everything is bigger and better in Queensland and thought it may or may not be true but when it comes to fishing that is exactly the case. Queensland is the black marlin capital of the fishing world. Each year thousands of anglers flock there to try their luck. After all it’s a question of reeling in a catch which could weigh more than five hundred pounds.

Fact is that there are more granders released back into the seas between Cairns and Lizard Island during the months of September to December. In 1966, American paratrooper, Captain George, caught the first Grander. After this word spread and soon the fishing ground of Cairns started attracting celebrities like Lee Marvin and Rupert Murdoch. However, these days just anyone can charter a fishing boat to try their luck at catching a black marlin.

Fishing around Cairns

  • Since there are many estuaries, The Great Barrier Reef and The Continental Shelf around Cairns it offers a wide variety of fishing options.
  • Catching a black Marlin is easiest between September and December.
  • Yellow Fin Tuna can be caught all year round
  • The months from December to February are ideal for catching the blue marlin
  • However, Reef fishing can be carried out throughout the year

With so many fishing options available throughout the year, it’s no wonder that Cairns attracts a whole lot of fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

If you are looking for a Australian marlin fishing charter you need to keep some of the following tips in mind

  • When looking for a fishing charter boat, keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best. It maybe so that they are not licensed or they may not possess the right credentials.
  • Gt to know who is captaining the ship and then get to know about them through various sources. Having a great captain ensures that you would have a good time fishing. So if a boat is a bit old and doesn’t have all the new amenities yet has a great captain you can surely enjoy yourself a great deal more.
  • Get to know whether the boat has a policy of catch and release or catch and keep. Then choose one which goes best with your philosophy. Whilst there are some boats which may offer to cook your catch for you at that very time, most people would rather go with the catch and release option.
  • If you are going on a fishing trip for the first time, it’s always better to go for a half day fishing charter. This way you can see for yourself whether you would enjoy yourself and would like to go for an extended our next time or not.

No matter which tour you choose just keep in mind to make an early booking. There are certain times of the year when the charters are particularly busy. Booking in advance means you get a place on the boat at the right time.